The process of traceability of honey

The traceability process of honey is carried out as follows:


Step 1

Honey samples are taken from beekeepers in the territory;

Step 2

A production batch is formed, registered with the name of the beekeeper, type of honey, quantity, date;

Step 3

The fulfillment of the quality parameters provided by the legislation in force is done with the help of the analysis bulletin;

Step 4

Analyzes are performed at German QSI laboratories;

Step 5

If the analyzes correspond to the quality requirements, then the honey is brought into our storage space;

Step 6

Honey barrels are directed from the storage space of the raw material to the processing space (fluidization, homogenization);

Step 7

Fluidizing the crystallized honey is done at a temperature of 35-45 degrees Celsius;

Step 8

After homogenization and filtration, the quantity required to satisfy an order, is transferred to the packing line;

Step 9

The surplus honey is stored in metal barrels and directed to the raw material storage space;

Step 10

After bottling, labeling and packaging results the finished product palette, which is embedded in a bar code;

Step 11

This natural honey, arrives on the shelves of the big stores, processed with great care and attention.

The traceability process is exactly following the steps I have listed above, from the time when the honey is collected to the consumer.

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