Though there is a false impression amongst the consumers that polyfloral honey is of a lower quality compared to other honey types, this isn’t true. Doctors and specialists in apitherapy recommend this honey type as a “complete” honey, as it is obtained from the blossom nectar of many plants, thus combining their healing power.


Is one of the best and most appreciated honey types from the world, being rich in vitamins (especially vitamin B1) and amino acids and having a high content of pollen (in honey residue the grains of pollen arouse till 70-80%).


From all the honey types, acacia honey is the richest in fructose and due to this fact, it crystalizes more slowly. One of its most specific healing qualities is that of calming the cough, having antiseptic properties. Acacia honey represents an excellent tonic for children, old persons, pregnant women or persons recovering from an illness or an operation. It calms the nervous system, fights against fatigue, asthenia or neurosis. Acacia honey helps reducing the gastric acid and healing the ulcer by calming the stomach aches.


Honeydew mostly results from the sweet juices gathered from the other parts of the plants then the flowers (it is gathered from the beech, oak and ash leaves) combined with forest blossom nectar.

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